Terms and Conditions

The following indicates the terms of use of our site. In accessing our pages, you (as a guest or registered user) must consent to these terms and uphold them throughout any activities on the website.

1. Visiting our Pages

1.1 We reserve the right to limit your access to our site without notice. We allow access on an indefinite basis.
1.2 Restrictions may be placed on the entire site or parts of our site and at our discretion, which could prevent you from accessing it.
1.3 We will not hesitate in deactivating your password or identification code in the event that you share it with any potential third parties. The nature of this information, as provided to you, is private.
1.4 You are responsible for anyone, including yourself, who may utilise your internet connection to visit our pages. You must ensure they follow these conditions.

2. Making a Transaction with Us, and Accountability

2.1 We are given the authorisation by providers of rubbish removal services to act as a preliminary agent in setting up a contract with customers which represents them. We take your booking queries whilst also finding the best fit provider (Provider) for you. We also send e-mails of confirmation.
2.2 You enter into contract with the aforementioned Provider once you accept and agree to all the Services Terms and Conditions, as well as those outlined to you through e-mail.
2.3 Provision of amenities and services fall entirely on the Provider. Any Service Terms and Conditions you may agree to are legally binding.
2.4 We handle all non-cash payments for the Provider. As a result, it is with us that most of your communication will take place.
2.5 Whilst we will go to great lengths to find the most suitable Provider, it is their (the Provider’s) obligation to carry out the services.
2.6 Feel free to call 020 3743 0222 and leave feedback about Providers.

3. Intellectual Property Rights

3.1 In line with current legislation concerning copyright, we own any intellectual property rights over the content displayed on our pages – as well as any connected content.
3.2 It is allowed for you to make one hard copy and extract appropriate sections of our pages for your own reference.
3.3 It is forbidden for any copies of the components used on our page to be changed or otherwise modified. Any media contained within our site may not be used independently.
3.4 It must always be accepted and acknowledged that we are the creators of any content included within our pages, unless provided by a credited third-party.
3.5 Permission must first be attained before any aspect or content on our pages is used for profit or other commercial gain.
3.6 If you are in possession of a copy of any section of our pages, whether digital or physical, it must conform to the terms as outlined here. If it does not, we will deactivate your rights as a user and demand that said copies are destroyed.

4. Relying on Material Posted on Our Site

4.1 Any materials contained within our site do not claim for reliance.
4.2 We deny our involvement in any event that has arisen as a result of reliance on posts on our site.
5. Page Modifications
5.1 Access to our pages may be temporarily suspended in order to make updates or changes. We may also close the page at our discretion.
5.2 There is, however, no responsibility for us to make updates. It is possible that areas of our website can be outdated.

6. Our Accountability for Website Content

6.1 We provide no assurance on the precision or correctness of the content or materials included on our site. As current law allows, we specifically except the following:
6.1.1 Any warranty or terms and conditions that are backed up by decree, law and legislation.
6.1.2 Obligation for any harm of any kind caused by any persons in connection with our site, links provided on it or content within it, such as: loss of pay or profits; loss of business; loss of bonds or agreements; loss of expected reserves or investment; loss of information; loss of favour or trust; loss of time in any organisation or business; no matter their impetus or if expected.
6.2 None of this affects our obligation in the case of loss of life or injury that may come about as a result of our inattention. This also applies for fraud, misrepresentation or other confusion over fundamental concerns and anything not limited or otherwise an exception of current law.

7. Personal Information

7.1 Your personal information is all held in accordance with our policies on privacy – as outlined elsewhere on our site.
7.2 You agree to our privacy policy upon using our website, and are responsible for the accuracy of your data.

8. Uploading Content

8.1 Content standards must always be consulted and agreed to before uploading anything to our website.
8.2 Such content uploaded to our site is not considered confidential, and we may distribute and make use of it at our discretion. We may also divulge your details if you are found to violate any rights of intellectual property or confidentiality.
8.3 We have no obligation or responsibility to the quality or accuracy of any user-posted content on our website.
8.4 Any content that does not adhere to our policies may be removed.

9. Internet Crime and Hacking

9.1 You are forbidden from attempting to gain access to our servers or pages without express permission. You are similarly responsible for not introducing any damaging elements to our technology, in any way whatsoever – this includes worms, Trojans and viruses.
9.2 The Computer Misuse Act of 1990 means that breaching the above makes you a criminal offender. We will not hesitate to make a full report to the appropriate authorities, including your identity.
9.3 We have no obligation and are not liable in any way if you experience any hazard or damage as a result of using our site, which includes that done by any virus or similar technological attack. This extends to the downloading of any of our content, or visiting any sites we may link to.

10. Linking Up with Our Website

10.1 As long as carried out in a legal way, and it does not potentially harm our standing, you may provide a link to the home page of our website.
10.2 You are forbidden from providing a link on any page that is not under your ownership.
10.3 Links to any part of our site beyond our home page are also forbidden. Likewise, framing our site on any other internet page is absolutely forbidden.
10.4 Any requests on the further use of our website content must be sent through an e-mail.

11. Sites we Provide Links For

11.1 Any links we provide to outside pages are there merely for your information.
11.2 We have no obligation for the content included within the pages we link to, and stress that they are out of our control.

12. Jurisdiction and Legislation

12.1 Regardless of your resident country, we still have the right and ability to take legal action following the breach of any of our terms.
12.2 These terms of use and any dispute/claim connected to them (including non-contractual ones) are governed by the law of England and Wales. These conditions, and any conversation or dispute pertaining to them, are under the responsibility of the legislation of England and Wales.

13. Changes to Our Terms

We may make changes to these terms and conditions, which will be presented here on this very page. You are bound by whatever amends we may make, and it is recommended that you regularly check our terms for changes.

14. Personal Concerns

If you have any worries, or would like to raise an issue or discuss these terms and conditions, please get in touch with us right away.

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