How to Obtain a Skip Permit in Wandsworth

Our skip hire services are a great way for homeowners, landlords, businesses and even construction companies in Wandsworth to dispose of their waste and unwanted items. Booking a skip with us is not only easy, but also very convenient and cheap, as we will bring you the size of skip that fits the amount of waste you want to dispose of perfectly and you won’t have to pay for any unused space. We have flexible services, delivery and collection options to make the process as hassle-free for you as possible. There is one aspect of the process that you will have to handle yourself, though, and that is obtaining the relevant skip permits and licences required for depositing the skip on public property. However, we can assist you with information and guide you through the procedure of applying for such a permit with the Wandsworth Council to make your job easier.

When Do You Need to Get a Skip Permit in Wandsworth?

A skip licence or permit will be required from you if the skip you will use to dispose of your waste is to be placed on public land in Wandsworth – a public road or another piece of public property. In the cases where skips are placed within the boundaries of private properties, say your back yard, driveway or lawn, no such permit will be required. If the skip is deposited in a place that is subjected to parking restrictions, you will be required to secure a parking permit as well, and pay a parking bay suspension fee in addition to the skip permit price. The permit is not automatically granted – the application is subject to approval and there are several requirements that you have to meet in order to be issued a permit, which will be examined in detail below.

How to Apply for a Skip Permit?

In order to apply for a skip licence, you need to contact the local council authorities of the London Borough of Wandsworth – in particular the department that handles issuing skip, highway and parking licences. There are application forms for the different types of licences issued available on the website of the borough council. You can download the skip permit application form that applies to your situation (there are separate forms for householders, businesses and limited companies), fill it in and send it back to the council for processing via several methods:
•    Via email on: [email protected]
•    Via fax on: 020 8871 8399
•    Via post on:
Wandsworth Council
Environment and Community Services Department
Inspection and Enforcement Team
PO Box 56518
London SW18 9BS
•    In person at the council’s Customer Centre at Wandsworth High Street SW18 2PU
You can also contact the licensing department for additional info via phone on 020 8871 8710.

What Types of Waste Materials Can Be Disposed of in Skips?

The Wandsworth Council has set some restrictions regarding the materials that can be legally deposited in waste skips. The waste materials that you could dispose of in a skip without breeching the rules of the local council include: household waste, garden waste, builders waste, rubble and roofing waste. For materials that don’t fall on that list, you will have to use another way of disposal or a specialised waste collection service, as they cannot legally be deposited in skips. For instance, if you would like to dispose of some old electronic equipment or white goods, you can hire our specialised WEEE waste disposal service. Materials such as cement, sand, slabs, ballast and timber can be placed directly on the highway and not necessarily in a skip, but to do that you will first have to obtain a special material licence from the council.

Processing Times for Skip Permit Application and Renewal

The council of the London Borough of Wandsworth requires of you to apply for a skip licence at least 5 full working days prior to the date you want the licence to be valid from (the day of submission in not included in that period). You are also required to pay for the permit if full in that 5-day period while your application is being processed. Failure to submit the application on time and pay the fee in that period will result in rejection of the application. This rule is set so that there would be enough time to inform residents and motorists about the placing of the skip on the public road and erect the necessary signage. If you want to renew your skip permit, you are required to put in your request at least 3 working days before the current permit’s expiry date, otherwise you will have to apply for and pay the charge for a new permit.

What Are the Different Skip Licence Application Forms?

Based on whether you are a homeowner, a sole business owner/business partner or represent a limited company, you will have to fill in a different application form for your skip permit. You can download the applicable form from the Wandsworth Council website and here are a few key points you need to pay attention to when filling in each type of form:

Applying as a Householder

You will have to use the Householder form if you own a home in the London Borough of Wandsworth and want to place a skip on the road next to your property. For skips, you will have to fill in sections 1A and 2A of the skip licence application form, and for materials placed directly on the road – section 2B.

Applying as a Business

If you own a business, either as a sole owner or a partner, you will have to use the skip permit application form for Sole Trader or Partnership. You should ensure that the section of the form that states the business ownership is properly filled in with the business name, phone number and address. Sections 1C and 2A should be filled in for skips, and section 2B – for materials. For a business partnership the name of the business, its address and the details of all partners should be included in the letterhead.

Applying as a Limited Company

If you are a manager, director or employee of a limited company, you should use the Limited Company form to apply for a valid skip permit in Wandsworth. Sections 1B and 2A of this form apply to skips and section 2B – to materials, and should be filled in accordingly. In case you are an employee that represents a limited company and is authorised to fill in the licence application forms, you are required to include your full job title too.
If your application form is incorrectly filled in/not completed or you have used the wrong form, your application will be rejected.

What Are the Skip Permit Prices?

The skip permit cost you will have to pay depends on the time duration for which the permit will be valid and whether you are applying for a new permit or the renewal of an existing one. The charges for skip licences in Wandsworth are as follows:

•    For a new 5-day licence - £32.50
•    For a new 14-day licence - £32.50
•    For a new 28-day licence - £62.70
Renewal costs:
•    For 5 days - £32.50
•    For 14 days - £32.50
•    For 28 days - £62.70

All skip charges paid to the Wandsworth Council are non-refundable. If an application for renewal is not submitted at least 3 working days before the expiration date of the current permit, you will have to submit an application for a new permit and pay the relevant charges. The days between the expiry date of the old permit and the date when the new one starts will be counted as rolling days and charged accordingly.

Additional Charges for Parking Bay Suspension

If your skip is placed in an area where parking restrictions are applicable and takes up any part of or a whole parking space, you will have to pay for parking bay suspension. The charge is calculated per chargeable day per 5m space; public and bank holidays are not charged for. Depending on which controlled parking zone (CPZ) in Wandsworth the parking space falls within, the number of chargeable days per 4-week period will differ: 20 for the Monday to Friday CPZ and 24 for the Monday to Saturday CPZ. The parking bay suspension will be issued for the same duration as the skip licence. For the exact amount you will be charged, you should check the website of the borough council or call their Customer Centre. Suspension is subject to Council approval.

Requirements for Being Granted a Skip Licence

A number of requirements must be met in order for you to be granted a skip permit by the Wandsworth Council. As already mentioned, where applicable you will have to obtain a parking bay suspension. This suspension can be used solely for the purpose it has been granted for – to deposit a skip there, and you can’t park any vehicles there when you are not using the parking spot for your skip. A council inspector may have to do a site meeting before your application is approved and the council department will get in touch with you to schedule such a meeting if one is necessary. In case the location where the skip is to be placed is unsuitable, your application will be refused. Note that the site meeting may delay the issuing of the skip licence and affect its start date.

What Are Your Responsibilities?

First, there are requirements for the skips – they should be maximum 2 metres in width and 5 metres in length. You should not worry in that regard, as our skip hire sizes all fall within the measurements allowed by the Wandsworth Council. Next, wherever possible, the skip should be placed right outside the property where waste will be cleared from. After you are given the permit, you will have to ensure a copy of it is available on site to be viewed by council officers upon request. At night, your skip must be lit with proper light indicators. If you don’t have a skip licence or your skip isn’t properly lit, you may attract a fine of up to £1000. Make sure you are well aware of these and all other council requirements and meet them to avoid breaching the law and being fined.

In What Cases Will the Council Not Issue a Skip Licence?

Skip sizes and types excluded from licensing

The local council will not grant you a skip permit if your skip measurements exceed the maximum ones allowed on public roads in Wandsworth or in case the skip has a capacity of more than 12 cubic yards. Our largest skip hire size is a 12-yard skip so when you hire your skip from us, you can be certain that this requirement will be met. Also, the council won’t issue permits for storage containers of the roll-on/roll-off type, as they don’t comply with Builders Skip Regulations of 1984.

Red route regulations

If your skip has to be placed on a red route, for instance on a bus stop or in the bus lane, the Wandsworth Council can’t issue a skip permit for you. For depositing skips on red routes, you should contact the Transport for London authorities for issuing a valid licence.

Apply for Your Skip Permit Today with the Help of Our Team

If at any point during the skip licence application process you feel confused or you don’t know how to proceed, we are always at your disposal to assist you with advice, guidelines and additional info. Although securing your skip permit is your responsibility and we cannot obtain one on your behalf, we would be glad to help you in any way we can so that you can get through the application process faster and more easily. Contact our customer service department anytime and ask any question you may have about obtaining such a permit in Wandsworth and we will advise you and guide you through the whole procedure.

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