20 October 2020

Garage Sale Items That Sell Like Hotcakes

garage sales

When in the middle of house clearance it is nothing more natural than the feeling to call a skip hire and throw out all the extra clutter you find in your attic, cellar or garage. But hold on a second! Have you ever entertained the thought of having a garage sale? Many of the items you spent the better part of the day shovelling out of the basement just might be considered as valuable items by someone else and not just subjects of rubbish removal. You can even play it safe and have your junk disposal heap for the items that are obviously unusable, but also have one for items that are an easy sale. Yes, there are such items. And here is the list.

•    Tools
One can never have enough tools. And many of your old tools are probably still more than usable, you just keep them in the corner of your garage because you like your new tools more. But if offered at a right price, almost any tool can be sold to a person looking to restock his or her tool kit.

old tools removal

•    Books
People like books, this is a general truth. As a non-reader, you might have difficulties finding use for an old tome, but put it up for sale and all the readers in your neighbourhood will gather around to at least browse through your collection. Every book is a subject to be sold to somebody, there is a taste for everything, and even if you have the books that everybody has: the classics by Oscar Wilde, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Charles Dickens, and so on, there will always be somebody to take them off your hands or shelves.

old books recycling

•    Music
No, not music the idea or sound. Vinyl records, audio cassettes, album CDs, concert DVDs, even mix tapes or mix CDs made by yourself – they are all sought by somebody. There will always be people looking to enrich or complete their own music collection and every piece you offer will be more than welcomed.

vynil records disposal

•    Clothes
Many people will be ready to buy second hand clothes, provided they are in proper shape. So if you have some old T-shirts, jackets, or even child clothing that you will never need, set them up on a stand and see as the flocks of buyers gather round to browse through your wares. As long as your style of dressing is conceived as proper, there will always be someone to take your clothes off your hands.

old clothes clearance

•    Jewellery
Jewellery is a very profitable item in any yard or garage sale. At the very least you will get people browsing through them, even if they are only simple and fake imitations of the real thing. People are into different types of accessories and there will be a customer for everything you offer, so just offer everything and sell whatever you can.

selling off jewellry pieces

•    Decorations
Paintings, figurines, sculptures, and so on – they will all be viable for different types of homes. Decorations will always be sold as people love different types of ornamentations, and there will always be a stunning variety of items on offer in every garage sale, so people browsing through the wares are sure to appear. And if you are offering decorations on proper prices, there will be always something sold.

You can always find proper items to get you a sell in any garage sale you set up. Your home is full of them, even if you consider most of them as nothing more than items for junk disposal. Just find a few from each of the aforementioned categories, set up a stand and see just how many of your former belongings will get sold. Think about rubbish removal last and only after you have offered your items to everyone willing to browse through them.

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