10Apr 2017

Recycle Smarter

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Let’s Recycle Smarter!

What can you recycle?

1.    Glass: glass jars and glass bottles (any colour)
2.    Plastic: water bottles, household products, plastic bags
3.    Paper: newspapers, cardboard boxes, phone books, shredded paper
4.    Metal: metal lids, food cans, clean aluminium foil plates and containers

Recyclable but should not be placed in curbside bins:

•    Electronics
•    Batteries
•    Plastic bags
•    Textiles

These items need to be recycled by a licensed recycler.

You cannot recycle:

•    Light bulbs
•    Food waste
•    Garbage
•    Motor oil containers
•    Hazardous waste
•    Ceramics or dishes
•    Styrofoam
•    Mirrors
•    Window glass

The benefits of waste recycling

•    Saves resources
•    Creates jobs
•    Reduces waste and landfills
•    Conserves energy

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