20 October 2020

How to Upcycle Old Stuff

upcycling old items
There are many ways you can make your home more interesting, but not all of them include the need to make a new purchase. There are ways you can instead upcycle and reuse items you already have around your home so you won’t have to throw them away. Upcycling is the way to go if you want to turn your home from a boring place into something with zest and imagination. Although some items need to go, making them a necessary part of rubbish clearance, some do not. Let’s point out some of the ways you can do this fairly easily:

garden planters
•    Using trash can planters

Assuming you don’t have a lot of experience with keeping your garden space healthy or you simply don’t have much sunlight, this is a good choice. You should consider using this chance to make your garden a more mobile setup. Attach some casters to a set of galvanized metal trash cans and you can fill them up with your favourite flowers.

old porch rail
•    Making a coat rack out of a porch rail

This can be done fairly easily by making use of a discarded porch rail you may have lying around your home. It can be really functional as a coat rack in a kid’s room or even a mudroom. Give it a fresh coat of paint and some hooks and you’re done in no time. There is no sense in tossing it away for rubbish removal if you can give it a better fate.

reusing window shutters
•    Making a shutter headboard

If you want to make your bedroom have a better sense of height to it from an aesthetic point of view then make use of old wooden shutters behind your bed. Give them nice, fresh colours instead of getting rid of them with the rest of the waste removal heap and you can bring in some style into your bedroom.

repurposing mason jars
•    Making lanterns out of mason jars

If you want to have some really nice looking lanterns with a soft and pleasant glow, then just take a few mason jars, place some tea light candles inside and hang them up on hooks. As long as the weather isn’t windy you will have a great addition to your outdoors or indoor space. There is no point in tossing anything out on waste collection day if you can reuse it.

stair post upcycling
•    Making a kid’s desk out of a stair post

One of the best parts of upcycling projects is that you can take any old piece of furniture and recreate it into a custom piece without way too much effort involved. One good example of that can be the use of stair posts and some stained plywood to make a kid’s desk. It doesn’t take too much to pull it off and you won’t have to toss anything out for waste removal.

art pieces
•    Repurposing art pieces

You can make use of upcycling in the most creative ways you can find, more than simply using discarded items. You can make use of any and all architectural objects in new and creative ways as long as you have the inclination to do so and they fit your rooms. Use focal points, wall decorations and more instead of simply getting rid of them during rubbish collection.

repurposing yardsticks
•    Making use of rulers and yardsticks

Chances are your kid’s school supplies may have rulers or yardsticks left from years back or maybe you had those left from school too. You can use them in your art by applying some glue and colourful clothespins. Hang them from a wall and use the clothespins to hang your child’s art, for instance.

DIY nightstand
•    Making a nightstand

If you’re not sure what to do with small and damaged coffee tables, then you should consider cutting them in half, giving them stability with a pair of legs and painting them in a bright colour to give them a nice new look. That way you can reuse them again and upcycle them without sending anything to the waste disposal bin.

door knocker recycling
•    Reusing door knockers

There are many types of door knockers you can see from the olden days, but using them indoors is not unheard of. You can give them a new purpose by adding them to your bathroom vanity or even the kitchen cabinets instead of sending them for rubbish removal.

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