Your Essential Guide For A Stress-Free Loft Clearance In Finsbury Park

30Jun 2015

loft clearing

Lofts fast become the perfect space to dump anything you know you won’t be needing for a while in Finsbury Park. Out of sight, out of mind often ends up with piles and piles of old stuff lurking above our heads, collecting dust and going unused. While lofts can be a great way to store things you might need later, they can also be converted into extra space or rooms for our home in N4, adding comfort and value to our houses. So whether you are planning to expand or you just want to have a much needed clear out up there, here is a helpful guide to make things pain free.

1. Get a plan of action in place. Figure out what you are dealing with, maybe its lots of boxes of small items that you will need to go through, or perhaps you are taking on a much bigger task, such as furniture removals, with heavy lifting involved. Work out early if you are going to need to get any clearance services in Finsbury Park so that you can do your research in good time. Or it may be a good idea to look into what skip permits you might need if you are going to have a lot of stuff to throw away.

loft junk removal

2. Get ruthless. Chances are if you have had all these items stored up there for months or even years then you don’t really need them. Work out what might be useful, sentimental and what needs to go. Get friends to help as they can sometimes be more cut throat and talk you out of finding reasons to keep unnecessary items.

loft clearance

3. Organise rubbish removal. If you just have a few things you might be throwing away then you might want to organise a waste disposal service in N19 or even contact the council to come and pick up some old items.

rubbish removal

4. Have a sale. If you are planning a conversion then the chances are you will probably be in need of some extra cash. It’s surprising what you can sell and you probably have a few money making items collecting dust in your loft. You can sell items easily on several internet sites or head off to your local car boot sale. If you have a lot of heavy items it might even be a good idea to arrange a sale in your yard. Print some flyers and invite local people to come and browse. You will be surprised how much money you could make knowing all your items are going to a good home.

organise a sale

5. Allow yourself some time. Leave yourself a free day to sit in your loft in Finsbury Park and start to organise. This will give you a good idea as to how much you might have to do. Start by bringing the small stuff down so you can arrange what you might be keeping and what you want to sell or throw away. Be realistic with your time frame so that you don’t end up feeling rushed and spending unnecessary money.

home clearance

6. Consider a clearance service. If your budget can stretch to it, then consider taking some of the hassle out of the clearance by calling in domestic clearance professionals in N4. This will be particularly helpful if you are working to a schedule to get work done on your home. Or maybe things need to be cleared quickly in order to get an accurate quote from your builder.

clearance company

The best people to ease stress are friends and family. If money is tight then asking them for help is the perfect option. Most of all, look at your clear out as an exciting new opportunity.

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